“It doesn’t matter how good you are at navigating your way through, if you don’t know where you are now, it’s impossible to know which direction to take.”

Which is why we recommend the first thing we do together is a health check on the current state of ‘where you are now’?

The results of this assessment form the basis for planning an accurate direction, supported by the facts, from which we can move forward. We currently have the following standard assessments in our portfolio – additionally customised assessments may be available to suit your specific needs.



Strategic Realignment Programme (SRP) An assessment of your management of human capital
Lean programmes
  • Lean in construction
  • Lean in the service environment
  • Lean in oil & gas
  • Lean in manufacturing

Have you implemented lean?
If so, are you happy with what has been achieved?
If not, are you interested in learning more?

Management Development Programmes (MDP) The organisation’s culture is a determinant of management style, and planned change makes demands on the way in which leaders and managers are expected to act. The programme is designed to develop a group of effective managers that are able to translate the organisation’s aims into action.
Sales Programmes
  • Major Account Management (MAM)
  • Sales planning for non-sales people

Where are you now in your sales journey?

  • Realising the opportunities