Strategic Realignment Programme seven principles

The primary goal of the Strategic Realignment Programme (SRP) is to bring together and document in one place a number of proven methodologies and guidelines from different disciplines and then to communicate them in a structured manner, which is easy to deploy and achieves measurable value.

The SRP is generic in that it can be applied to any organisation regardless of its size, complexity, location, or the sector within which it operates.

This is possible because SRP is principles-based. Principles are characterised as:-

  • Universal in that they apply to every organisation
  • Self-validating in that they have been proven in practice over many years
  • Empowering because they give management and staff at all levels added confidence and ability to influence, shape and innovate their own work flow and working environment in line with corporate goals and strategy, across the enterprise.

The SRP principles are informed by corporate governance principles and World Class standards as proven by global enterprises who have invested in the last thirty plus years of ‘lean’ thinking and human capital management.

This programme is intended to guide rather than dictate so that organisations can develop their own policies, processes, strategies and plans to meet their specific needs, based upon proven methodologies.

Effective SRP implementation satisfies the following principles.

      Aligns with strategy and goals
      Fits the context of the environment
      Engages all stakeholders
      Provides clear guidance
      Informs decision-making
      Creates a supportive & innovative culture
      Facilitates continuous improvement

For SRP to become more than just a compliance led activity within an organisation, the value of these principles, measured by the return on investment, must be determined, monitored, improved and communicated.

Finally the programme’s degree of success is assessed directly as a result of the amount of measurable value achieved.

Extract from ProjectBoard™ SRM programme principles. ©Assess Improve Measure Ltd 2012.