Improving the bottom line in manufacturing: Employee engagement

Brown & Holmes (Tamworth) Ltd specialise in the supply of standard and semi-standard CNC cubes and Tombstones, test rigs, jigs and fixtures, special machines and gauges. They also offer high precision machining and complex work.

Brown and Holmes is also the sole agent for Forkardt work holding equipment within the UK and Ireland

Following a successful implementation of ‘lean’ techniques on the shop floor during 2006-2007, Brown & Holmes asked us last year to conduct an assessment of their employee engagement. The goal was to highlight specific areas that required improvement to promote employee innovation and to enhance their continuous improvement model.

The six month programme began during September 2011 and has delivered a number of measurable benefits to the business. The key areas of improvement have been a reduction in customer delivery times, reduced staff turnover, greater levels of employee innovation, improved output and a higher order book.

Kevin Ward, Director at Brown & Holmes said “We are very pleased to be working with Assess Improve Measure Ltd to achieve our goals.”

John Sanders – Director of Assess Improve Measure Ltd commented “It is rewarding to see a manufacturing SME expanding their commitment to employee engagement and leadership development. The use of our structured programmes will allow Brown & Holmes (Tamworth) Ltd the opportunity to benefit from improved employee engagement which in turn will offer an even higher level of customer advocacy”

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