Is a structured management development programme just plain common sense?

The answer will undoubtedly be yes, but let’s have a look at the check list in a highly effective company…
The board sets the vision and publishes the corporate values.

A culture of leadership, as well as good management practices supports world-class competitiveness, which sets them apart.

Employee innovation is encouraged and rewarded, in an open, blameless environment, which means that everyone, at all levels, is fully engaged.

Team goals are aligned with the corporate strategy, as is the people-culture, throughout all levels of the enterprise.
Both supplier and customer partnerships are fully developed and continuously being monitored and improved.

Visual management techniques are in place throughout the business and the process of continuous improvement is being driven at all levels through innovation.

Would a health check on “where are we now?” either confirm that everything is on track or provide a roadmap for improvement going forward?

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