So you’ve implemented ‘lean’ on the shop floor
Now what about the rest of the company?

Things have changed dramatically over the last ten years.

Back in 2002, most of the manufacturing companies we dealt with had either implemented ‘lean’ techniques on the shop floor, or were intending to in the near future. Very few however were planning to roll this ‘lean’ implementation out into other areas of their business.

Now, in 2012, we find that many have taken that step and are reaping the benefits of a ‘lean’ culture, top to bottom, throughout the enterprise.

For those that haven’t taken that step yet, it’s a straight-forward check list to follow:-

  • Communicate the organisation’s Vision and Strategy
  • Commit to a ‘Continuous and Sustainable improvement Plan’
  • Implement a communications strategy for full employee engagement
  • Prioritise areas of improvement
  • Define processes that contribute to problems
  • Measure the capability of each process
  • Analyse the data
  • Control process variability
  • Standardise methods
  • Integrate methods into design/process cycles

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