If modern communications are so much better these days…
Then why isn’t the message getting through?

The sad truth is that some of us have become complacent. Today’s businesses have access to a host of technologies which are designed to aid us with planning, decision making, business process management and a myriad of other real world ‘solutions’. But are these technology solutions enough on their own?

Why do we still see people sending an e-mail to the person right next to them and “absolving” themselves of the responsibility to resolve an issue?

This, amongst many other common failings, may go some way to explaining why there are so many misunderstandings between team members and colleagues.

When did your company last prepare, document and publish your own communications strategy?

Map out all the stakeholders; including customer and suppliers; define the reporting lines and the methods and tools for how they would work together and what they could expect from each other, either as a team or in a collaborative environment?