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ProjectBoard™ SRP in a collaborative development environment

Canon Europe had a requirement to integrate their multifunctional devices (MFD’s) with Microsoft’s Share Point Portal Server (SPPS), to integrate a knowledge management solution for a specific important customer in Madrid. The software supplier for the MFD’s, eCopy Inc., had no knowledge of SPPS; Microsoft was not interested in such a small project; Canon had no in-house technical resource to address a problem of this kind and the end user only spoke Spanish. Finally there was no specification in place for either the system itself, or the customer’s requirements Working in collaboration with Canon Europe, who managed the language problems, we used the ProjectBoard™ SRP methodology to manage the different aspects of human capital on the project. This led to the successful development of a specification, a set of user requirements and subsequently a connector that met fully all of the prime requirements of the customer.

We had already worked on the eCopy software at another customer site, we had knowledge of Canon equipment, SPPS expertise and access to a .NET development team, which we managed using SRP through-out the development. But the key to the success of the project was to gain buy in from the staff of the different companies involved and meld them into a cohesive team, with a single purpose, that aligned with the strategic goals.

The project was delivered on time and within budget.

The customer received a system which complied exactly with their requirements; Canon made a sale of MFD’s that would otherwise have gone to a competitor and eCopy now had access to a connector that made their product compatible with SPPS, enabling them to pursue more sales with Microsoft..